Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beauty on a Budget: NYX Concealer

I just recently tried this concealer - and WOW!!!! It's so impressive especially considering its low price. You can find it for about $5! It's super creamy and very pigmented so a little goes a long way. It blends nicely and can double as an eyeshadow primer (although not as effective as some proper eyeshadow primers).

Yes it will crease, but honestly what concealer doesn't? To prevent creasing make sure to set it with a powder and voila! If you find it to be too thick, try applying it with a wet sponge - it goes on like a dream and looks flawless. That, or mix it with a little bit of face moisturizer or eye cream and apply.

I honestly can't think of another concealer that I have liked more although I did just place an order for Eve Pearl's salmon concealer so I shall compare as soon as I receive it.

Tip: for very prominent dark under-eye circles, use an orange/peach based concealer as the orange tones will neutralize the blue.


  1. I hear people on yotube using NYX products all the time but where can we buy them???

  2. There are a few places:
    -on their website. They have the US and Canadian version of the site. I prefer the US version as the products are actually quite a bit cheaper. The only thing is, when I tried accessing the US site recently, it automatically kept rerouting me to the canadian version - not impressive (i already found a way around that - i can get to the US site from my work computer) (plus they often have 20-25% off everything so it's amazing)
    -Pharmaplus carries the line here in Canada (but they have a limited selection not the entire line)
    -There is a perfume store at the Fashion Outlets in Niagara (US side) that carries the majority of the products.
    -There was a store in Bramalea City Centre that carried a lot of the products (but when I went recently they either closed down or are renovating - I certainly hope it's the latter lol)

  3. I was randomly in Pharmaplus a few weeks ago (normally I'm a Shoppers girl but when you've forgotten your makeup at home and have to go out it's no time for being picky!) and I remember seeing this brand. I'm definitely going to go back and pick some up, well, that is if the have the concealer. WAIT. I'm actually in the US right now - is it easy to get here? And speaking of being in the US, I should pick you up that lip gloss you like too, what was it again??

  4. It's probably easier to get it in the States than in Canada. Although I have no idea which stores carry it out there regularly.

    oh man YES please get me that lipgloss if you come across it. It's L'Oreal HIP lip jelly :) I LOVE IT and I'm almost out.

  5. I'll check the pharmaplus then! thanks. ;-)