Sunday, March 14, 2010

Make-Up Brushes: Foundation

So as of late, I have had a minor (read: enormous) brush obsession. I have tried a few foundation brushes, but never thought they did as good a job as sponges, natural hair brushes or even fingers. That is, until I tried CoverFx foundation brush. This brush is actually very smooth, and more importantly makes your foundation apply flawlessly and streak-free.

Pros of using a foundation brush:

-can be more sanitary

-doesn't waste product (sponges absorb some foundation)


-can result in streaky application (unless you have the right brush) which means you will still have to buff your foundation in with a sponge or a natural hair brush

Bottom Line:

Do what works for you and try different methods. More often than not, I prefer to use a natural hair brush (like a blush brush) to apply foundation - it looks airbrushed! But I also often use my fingers especially if I only want a sheer layer


  1. So now i have to get the brush hahahaha
    so how much and where can i get it??? Keep blogging and i'll keep reading! <3

  2. You can get the brush at Shoppers or at Sephora...I think it's about $30. But, I got it as part of a trial kit that comes with CoverFX foundation and I only bought it because I really wanted the brush lol. They have some other brushes that look awesome too like the pointed foundation that I will have to try out at some point.

  3. Yes, i've seen online that they have a pointy one as well which i'm sure is good for smaller areas around the eye and nose etc. But i think i'll compare this brush you put up with Smashbox foundation brush and see which i like better. I've heard some great reviews about the smashbox one too! :)