Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Favourite Nail Polish

I wear nail polish pretty much all year - reason being is if I don't have any nailpolish on I will bite my nails. So needless to say I've tried many many many brands and colours. But my all time, absolute favourite is JOE FRESH!!!!! The colours are stunning, it applies smoothly and it has awesome staying power. It doesn't chip for a long time! I am very impressed.

Here's the thing - people might think that it's cheap since you can get 3 for $10 CAD. But the truth is that the bottles are a lot smaller than other brands you might find out there. So in reality, the price of Joe Fresh nailpolish (ml for ml) is actually the same as that of high end brands like OPI and China Glaze (Yes I did the math lol).

I love them all but my favourite colour is Coral.

You can check it out at http://www.joefresh.com/en/bath_beauty/products/nails/

Saturday, March 12, 2011

50s makeup

I really like 50s makeup - it's versatile, classy and has stood the test of time. You can always personalize it by changing the shade of lipstick, or adding extreme lashes.

Products used:
- Clinique gel liner
- Lise Watier eyeshadow in beige glace
- Yaby light brown shadow for the crease
- OPI red lip liner and Inglot red lipstick
- Cinema Secrets Foundation
- Cover FX loose powder
- Gosh bronzer to contour
- Mac lashes #35
- White eyeliner in the waterline

Monday, March 7, 2011

Olay Regenerist Touch of Foundation VS Total Effects Touch of Foundation

Let's face it - I am lazy when it comes to the morning makeup routine and more often then not I end up doing my makeup in the car!!! So cutting corners is what I'm all about and that's why  I decided to try the Olay moisturizers with a touch of foundation - they are esentially tinted moisturizers but the only issue is that they are only available in one shade. You will be fine with the colour if your complexion is fair-medium. If your skin is very light, then these might end up slightly too dark.

They are both quite decent at evening out the skin tone, they are well formulated and even contain sunscreen. They are not completely matte - they have a slight sheen which gives skin a healthy glow. But if you are pro-matte, then you can always use powder over it.

So which one do I prefer? At the moment, Olay Regenerist because it is slightly more matte than the Total Effects and I love the way it blends on my skin but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of the two.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flat Iron - Croc Titanium

I dropped my flat iron and surprise surprise it broke. I needed to get a new one so as with all my purchases I dived into serious research.

After endless hours spent reading about flat irons I found THE ONE - Croc Titanium.

The reasons I chose this iron:
- adjustable heat settings (goes up to 450 F but I doubt anyone really needs to use it at such a high heat)
- titanium plates which cause less damage than ceramic and actually make your hair look shinier
- auto-turn off feature: the iron turns off after 30 minutes of idleness

It really does work well and I would recommend it. I got mine from http://www.folica.com/

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Coastal Scents order that I placed on Monday arrived today at noon!!!!!!!! How's that for fast shipping?!? Anyways, I didn't get a chance to use everything but I will post a review for most of the items when I have a chance to use them for a longer period of time. But the one thing I can say is that I am loving the Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush. It will be perfect for a flawless foundation application.

In other news, I was shopping at Winners yesterday and noticed they have ABT (Advanced Beauty Tools) brushes for a MUCH lower price than at their online store. I decided to forgo the brushes since I just got 15 new brushes from Coastal Scents, but I keep thinking about them so I might have to go back and pick up a set just to try. I'm really curious to see how well they actually work. And the brush obsession continues....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yellow/Black Eye Makeup

I decided to play around with some bright colour combinations again and this time decided to use yellow and black. I promise I will stay away from yellow for the next little while.:) I guess I go for yellow whenever I play around with colours because it's a difficult colour to pull of on a regular basis but it's quite fun and makes such a huge impact.

Check it out..

Products Used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Ben Nye Creme Color in Yellow
- Inglot matte yellow eyeshadow
- NYX matte black eyeshadow (for the crease colour and eyeliner)
- MAC Smolder eyeliner for the waterline
- Ardell Lashes

Monday, November 29, 2010

Coastal Scents Sale - 33% off

There is a sale at Coastal Scents running until November 29th, 2010 midnight EST. They are offering 33% off the entire store!! Yep that's right - 33% off EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! I love a sale like this and usually have a hard time controlling myself. Today I've decided  I will buy some brushes and a few makeup palettes just for fun - but will limit my spend to $100-ish.

Creative Me Combo Set

I am getting:
15 brushes
The Creative Me combo set
1 lip pencil
2 dual eyeliner pencils
New Smokey Eyeshadow palette (which I plan on giving away as a gift)

I'll let you know how this works out - I am especially excited about the brushes :)

The website is http://www.coastalscents.com/