Monday, May 10, 2010

Major Disappointment

Since I've been sooo good in the last little while and hardly bought any makeup I thought I would reward my good behaviour with little online shopping at Sleek Makeup and finally get those eyeshadow palettes that I mentioned below.

So I log in to the site, all excited, and lo and behold the prices went up! Well technically they didn't go up, but they are now quoted in US dollars! So the palette that was 4.99 GBP is now listed as $10.00. It's not a HUGE difference per se but when you want to buy every single item on the site, it does add up.

Now it looks like I will hold off on buying Sleek makeup and wait (pray) for it to become available in stores in Canada.


  1. Hi! Sorry for your disappointment in the price. Please let me try to explain. Anyone outside of countries that use Euros and Pounds will see the price in US Dollars. Because we use US Dollars across many markets, we must keep the price competitive. The price conversion we use is competitive to the markets in which it is sold. It must also be taken into consideration that we are a British company and cosmetics in the UK are on average more expensive than in North America.

    Again, I'm sorry for your disappointment.

  2. I guess we'll just have to take a trip to London... soon!!