Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yellow/Black Eye Makeup

I decided to play around with some bright colour combinations again and this time decided to use yellow and black. I promise I will stay away from yellow for the next little while.:) I guess I go for yellow whenever I play around with colours because it's a difficult colour to pull of on a regular basis but it's quite fun and makes such a huge impact.

Check it out..

Products Used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Ben Nye Creme Color in Yellow
- Inglot matte yellow eyeshadow
- NYX matte black eyeshadow (for the crease colour and eyeliner)
- MAC Smolder eyeliner for the waterline
- Ardell Lashes


  1. which ardell lashes are those?

  2. I know it doesn't quite look like it but those are Ardell #120. Love them!!! :)

  3. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for pics of yellow liner/shadow. I love it! I'm a total makeup junkie. I just ordered the Chromograph pencil in Primary Yellow from MAC Pro And I'm really excited! Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

  4. That pencil is going to be wicked!!!! Definitely can be used as a primer for a yellow shadow, i used ben nye paint in yellow for a base to get the shadow as bright as possible. Gotta love the fact that spring 2011 is all about bright colours :)

  5. Great look! Love it. Now tell me how do you get such great photos? Which camera do you have? I can never get a good close up shot of my eyes....

  6. Hey Mirjana!!!

    The camera I use is Canon G10. It's a couple of years old now and I'm pretty sure they are up to G12 or maybe even G13 is out by now lol. but it's a great camera and it totally does do amazing macro/closeup shots.

  7. Hey there, I love this look so much, I've featured it on my brandnew blog: