Saturday, March 12, 2011

50s makeup

I really like 50s makeup - it's versatile, classy and has stood the test of time. You can always personalize it by changing the shade of lipstick, or adding extreme lashes.

Products used:
- Clinique gel liner
- Lise Watier eyeshadow in beige glace
- Yaby light brown shadow for the crease
- OPI red lip liner and Inglot red lipstick
- Cinema Secrets Foundation
- Cover FX loose powder
- Gosh bronzer to contour
- Mac lashes #35
- White eyeliner in the waterline


  1. hey my dear! Love this look. I think i might try it soon but use viva glam v (i think that's the red one right?) by mac. <3

  2. Such a clean, beautiful look... and I know I'm an amateur because I was suprised at the number of items on your "products used" list!

  3. @ mirjana: yeah this is an awesome versatile look. it can be toned down with a lighter shade of lipstick...but when it comes to red lips I'm all about bright! :)

  4. @ lisette: lol now that I read the list you are right, quite a few products. But then again, anytime you see those photos of models where it looks like they aren't wearing any makeup, they actually are wearing quite a bit. But this list can be scaled down a bit by removing the false lashes and you can also get away without the lipliner...but the rest I think is essential for a 50s look