Monday, March 7, 2011

Olay Regenerist Touch of Foundation VS Total Effects Touch of Foundation

Let's face it - I am lazy when it comes to the morning makeup routine and more often then not I end up doing my makeup in the car!!! So cutting corners is what I'm all about and that's why  I decided to try the Olay moisturizers with a touch of foundation - they are esentially tinted moisturizers but the only issue is that they are only available in one shade. You will be fine with the colour if your complexion is fair-medium. If your skin is very light, then these might end up slightly too dark.

They are both quite decent at evening out the skin tone, they are well formulated and even contain sunscreen. They are not completely matte - they have a slight sheen which gives skin a healthy glow. But if you are pro-matte, then you can always use powder over it.

So which one do I prefer? At the moment, Olay Regenerist because it is slightly more matte than the Total Effects and I love the way it blends on my skin but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of the two.

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