Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another challenge: Primer Potion vs. Shadow Insurance

Today I decided to do another challenge (one that luckily didn't leave me with a smudged eye at work!) and I compared Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I primed one eye with Primer Potion and the other with Shadow Insurance. I then applied Smashbox eyeshadow and waited for the results. About 12 hours later, the results are in...and not as exciting as I anticipated. Both products delivered and work pretty much the same way. The only difference I noticed is that the eyeshadow was slightly (very slightly) darker on the eye that was primed using the Urban Decay primer.

So which one do I prefer? Too Faced Shadow Insurance and only because it's packaging is easier to use and more hygienic. Not to mention half of the product is wasted as the original packaging of the Primer Potion is horrible. Although good news for UDPP lovers - Urban Decay released a limited edition large Primer Potion that is packaged the same way as Shadow Insurance. I might buy it for my kit.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance   $18 USD 0.35 oz
Urban Decay Primer Potion       $18 USD 0.34 oz
Urban Decay Primer Potion       $29 USD 0.85 oz

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